Everything you need to tow & haul

HitchesWiringBrake & Sway Controllers . Suspension Helpers

We can install any style Hitch as well as any Electrical Ports, Brake Controllers, Suspension Helpers, or Trailer Stabilizers you need to safely pull your toys.  Our experienced staff will help you determine what equipment you need and expertly install everything so you are ready to take off on your next adventure. 



Our most popular brands include CurtDraw-Tite, B&W,  and Reese.  We can install a basic hitch for you to carry your bike rack to and fro, a bumper hitch to tow your pop-up or mini trailer,  or a fifth wheel or gooseneck to pull your camper or trailer. We are an authorized installer for Stealth Hitches, the discrete hitch that preserves your vehicle’s appearance.

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Our professional installation technicians will install Tekonsha the wiring you need to attach your trailer to your vehicle so you can carry your trailer legally.  We offer 4-flat, 7-blade, 7-round, and multi-tow port options.  We can also install in bed plugs for in bed campers or fifth wheel and gooseneck applications.  


Brake Controllers tell your trailer when to apply its braking system so you can safely travel over our mountains.  We stock Prodigy brake controllers by Tekonsha and carry a wide line to fit your needs. We can source and install any brand you'd prefer including Original Manufacturer systems.  


Weight distribution hitches and trailer sway control systems make towing your toys less stressful so you arrive at your destination ready to have fun rather than wanting to pull your hair out. Our most common brands are CurtReese, and FastWay.



Suspension helpers maximize your towing capacity, help protect your vehicle from damage, and make your ride to your destination more enjoyable so you arrive ready to play.  We carry and install all suspension helper systems, including air bags, air bag compressors, road master, timbrins, etc.  Our most popular brands are Road MasterRide-Rite by Firestone and Air Lift.